The Best Scoreboard for OBS: Transform Your Football Live Streams

A professional and engaging presentation can be the deciding factor in the competitive world of live broadcasting, particularly for sports such as football. Professional overlays, real-time updates, and high-quality video enhance the viewing experience for viewers. A high-quality, scoreboard solution can considerably enhance the quality of your football live streams for streamers who use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). In this section, we explore the most effective scoreboard for OBS, emphasising its features, setup, and advantages to enhance your football broadcasts.

Justification for an OBS Scoreboard

Any sports live broadcast needs a scoreboard. By providing viewers with current game information, it keeps them interested and knowledgeable. Football requires an exact and aesthetically pleasing scoreboard because the score and game dynamics can change quickly. All streamers, from amateurs to pros, can take advantage of all these advantages.

What are the best features of OBS football scoreboards?

  1. Easy Integration with OBS: The best scoreboard for OBS integrates seamlessly with the software, requiring minimal setup. This ease of integration is crucial for streamers who want to enhance their broadcasts quickly and efficiently without dealing with complicated configurations.
  2. Real-Time Updates: A high-quality OBS football scoreboard should be able to support real-time updates. This feature ensures that scores, timers, and other essential game data are always current, providing viewers with an accurate and engaging experience.
  3. Customisation Options: Customisation is key to creating a unique and professional-looking stream. The best scoreboard solutions offer various customisation options, including different styles, colours, and fonts. This enables streamers to customise the scoreboard to match their branding and overall stream aesthetic.
  4. Multi-Sport Support: While the focus here is on football, having a scoreboard that supports multiple sports can be incredibly beneficial. This versatility allows streamers to use the same tool for different sports, providing a consistent look and feel across various broadcasts.

You can set up your OBS football scoreboard here.

Setting up a scoreboard for your OBS football live stream is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the scoreboard. Start by going to and registering.
  2. Install the plugin. Follow the instructions in one of their insightful videos in the instructions tab com/instructions
  3. Configure the Scoreboard: Open OBS and add the scoreboard as a new source. Configure the settings, such as team names, colors, and score positions, to match your stream’s layout.
  4. Test the setup: Before going live, test the scoreboard to ensure it updates in real-time and displays correctly on your stream. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth and professional presentation.

The benefits of using an OBS football scoreboard are significant.

High standards of professionalism: A well-designed scoreboard adds a professional touch to your football live stream, increasing its allure to viewers. It is a testament to your dedication to delivering an exceptional viewing experience.

Viewer Engagement: Real-time updates and a clear representation of scores keep viewers’ attention. The ability to follow the game without waiting for verbal updates improves their overall experience and extends their stay.

Value for money: Using a scoreboard for OBS allows you to improve your stream without incurring large expenses. This feature is especially advantageous for amateurs or small organisations that have restricted budgets.

Flexibility: With the ability to customise options and support for a variety of sports, a scoreboard for OBS provides superior flexibility. You can readily adapt it to various types of streams to achieve a consistent and professional appearance.


Transforming your football live streams into a professional looking stream is a game-changer. It provides a professional, engaging, and cost-effective solution that enhances the viewer experience. By integrating a high-quality scoreboard, you ensure that your audience remains informed and engaged throughout the game, which can significantly boost your stream’s popularity and viewer retention.

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